Board game fanatic goes backpacking

My husband took the photo in this layout on a recent overnight backpacking trip to Elfin Lakes near Vancouver, British Columbia. It shows a very real truth: we’re board game fanatics – to the point where I made him carry this game (albeit, it’s only a small card game) up a mountain to play the evening after our hike. And let me tell you, the game was even more satisfying outdoors after a day of exploration.

It goes to show that sometimes the simple activities are the ones that make us the happiest.


I knew I wanted to scrapbook this memory the moment it happened. It’s not everyday we get to play board games with such a beautiful mountain view. It wasn’t a memory that required many words, but I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget this modest evening away as our lives move forward. It’s a good reminder that not all life’s important memoirs need to stem from celebrations, vacations or other ‘epic’ activities.

I chose to launch a new scrapbook process video series with the creation of this layout. My first video shows how I scraplifted a layout from a Fancy Pants Designs’ advertisement (showcasing the new Golden Days products) from the Fall 2016 issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today) to influence my layout design. The video shows how my project came together using all different products pulled from my scrap stash.

Let me tell you: creating a process video isn’t easy. I admire all the ladies who post videos regularly on YouTube. And I’m glad I’ve challenged myself to give it a try; I’m sure my videos will improve with practice.

If you’re interested, check out my first scrapbook process video below.


Documenting loss

Our sweet guinea pigs passed away just after Christmas: one right after Boxing Day, the other shortly into the New Year. We knew they were aging, but it didn’t make the experience any easier. We cared for these little furry friends every day. They greeted us with squeaks and peeps eager for a treat or little scratch. Our home was instantly quieter: seemingly less full of life without them.

I felt the need to document the personalities and unique memories we have with each of our little friends – a summary of their lives with us.

I’ve never documented loss before. My father passed away almost eight years ago, yet I’ve never been comfortable writing about the experience or recording memories specific to my father. Why? It’s too hard. I hope that someday it will get easier.

Writing about the guinea pigs was easier than I anticipated. Sure, I shed a few tears and my throat choked up, however, I took pleasure in the fond memories. It’s hard to sum of five years in a paragraph – I chose to highlight the key memories. I may expand on the guinea pigs with a supplement to the two pages that allows me to go into more detail. That’s for a later date.

I gained an unexpected feeling of satisfaction from this activity. Writing that paragraph – however brief – gave me time to reflect on the good stuff. It left me feeling at peace.



  • Stamps & Ink: Studio Calico
  • Paper: Echo Park Paper Co
  • Card Stock: American Crafts
  • Embellishments: Doodlebug Designs, Echo Park Paper Co, Fancy Pants Designs
  • Kits: SCT Delivered Sunny Days, Kit Strings (Spring 2016)

Unboxing Video: SCT Delivered Kits

Happy mail arrived for me yesterday afternoon. My Scrapbook and Cards Today Spring 2016 Kits showed up on my doorstep.

I ordered the scrapbook kit called, Sunny Days, and the card kit called, Kite Strings.

I wanted to show you the kits contents along with my first impressions.

Below is my first ever YouTube video, which although it isn’t perfect, I don’t think is too bad considering I’m new to the GoPro camera and I have cold!

Thanks for watching!

Learning to appreciate family memories

I’ve started scrapping old family photos. It has started a wonderful dialogue between my Mom and I about family memories. It’s easy to take these memories for granted; I can easily call up my Mom and ask her about a particular moment in time. However, I won’t always have that opportunity. It’s important for me to document our family history. Plus, I think it gives the stories stronger meaning when I consider multiple perspectives.

This layout commemorates childhood birthdays with a brief journalling spot. The challenge with older photos is that film cameras didn’t allow us to preview the photos or to always take “the perfect shot”. This is a busy photo for that reason. I could have turned the photo black and white, but I feel that the colours really speak to the time period and the energy of the celebration. So, I used a limited colour palette pulled from the photo itself giving the layout an impactful but not distracting appearance.


Three Generations

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but scrapbooking for me is all about telling stories. And those stories are documented with meaningful photos and journaling.

This year, I hosted Mother’s Day for Mom and Oma at my apartment. We had a simple lunch of fried chicken (picked up by Mom) and cold salads (prepared by me). Celebrating at home provided an opportunity for a relaxing lunch filled with easy conversation. I find that now, as an adult, I really appreciate opportunities to hear family stories from both Mom and Oma’s perspectives.

I wanted to create a scrapbook layout that documented not only my memories of the day, but that documented this greater theme of family history.

A simple photo of the three of us, with an opportunity for hidden journaling (white tag) helps to emphasize who we are as a family along with sharing details from the day.

I love that looking at this photo of the three of us shows our family resemblance, which will serve as a helpful reminder to reflect upon my family roots and how they have shaped who I am today.